Vehicle maintenance is necessary part of fleet business, but it’s often overlooked. The DOT requires that regular maintenance is not only performed, but recorded as well. In addition, rules define how files are to be labeled, retained, and available for review. FMCSA also requires that driver vehicle inspection reports (DVIRs) continue to be collected and filed for passenger carriers.

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At Limo & Bus Compliance we work with industry leaders and product manufacturers to build vehicle maintenance plans that not only meet regulations, but also help extend the life of your fleet. We provide you with the processes and systems to ensure your DVIRs and maintenance files are always compliant.  We also provide checklists and reminders to help you maintain DOT vehicle inspections and 90-day checks.

Services Include:

  • Provide a maintenance plan that meets manufacturer specifications
  • Create DOT compliant maintenance records
  • Maintain records and notify management of deviations from approved maintenance plan
  • Provide ongoing information relevant to the Company fleet from our resource pool