In an industry full of affiliates and out-bound business, it is difficult to determine if an affiliate runs a compliant operation.  Limo & Bus Compliance’s SAFE Certification helps fill that void.

Our SAFE Certification can not be purchased, it must be earned, through a thorough inspection of a company’s policies, procedures, and safety history.

SAFE Certified Companies

  • Pass an annual SAFE Certification Audit
  • Maintain compliance with federal DOT regulations
  • Maintain insurance of $1,500,000 on vehicles 15-Passengers or less and $5,000,000 on vehicles over 15-Passengers
  • Require random drug and alcohol screening of all chauffeurs
  • Conduct annual driving records checks on all chauffeurs
  • Maintain current licensing for their locations
  • Utilize approved vehicle maintenance programs

No longer must an affiliate manager rely on an insurance accord and the claims of a company manager to know how a potential affiliate operates. Every new affiliate carries risk, but help minimize it by only using SAFE Certified companies in your network.

How It Works

  1. A company fills out an application to become SAFE Certified
  2. Required documents are sent to Limo & Bus Compliance for inspection
    • Including Driver Qualification, Motor Vehicle Records, Hours of Service, Drug and Alcohol Testing, Vehicle Insurance Schedule, etc.
  3. Company management is interviewed about current policies and procedures
  4. Limo & Bus Compliance verifies current city/state/federal licensing and DOT Safety rating
  5. Limo & Bus Compliance provides a PASS/FAIL rating and recommended areas for improvement
  6. If a rating of FAIL is presented, the company has 60 days to make the needed corrections
  7. If a rating of PASS is presented, the company receives authorization to use the Limo & Bus Compliance SAFE Certified Seal for a period of one year
  8. Companies who PASS will be listed in the SAFE Certification area of
  9. Applications may only be submitted once per year, with annual renewals

Why You Should Be SAFE Certified

  • Affiliates prefer to send work to SAFE Certified companies
  • Include your SAFE Certification in RFP’s and client bids
  • Your insurance company may offer you preferred rates
  • Get the peace of mind of knowing that you are operating legally
  • Gain exclusive access to industry best-practices


In order to review an adequate sample of documentation, pricing is based upon current fleet size.

  • 1-10 Vehicles             $400
  • 11-20 Vehicles           $700
  • 21-50 Vehicles           $1,500
  • 51+ Vehicles               $2,000