Warning Low Ground Clearance

Warning Low Ground Clearance download as pdf here LowGroundClearance



This week a motorcoach attempting to cross a low ground clearance railroad crossing was stuck on the railroad track and struck by a train resulting in at least 4 deaths and dozens more injured.  While the exact circumstances of this situation are unknown, it is an unfortunate reminder of the risks posed by low clearance vehicles.


Motorcoaches and stretch limousines have very low ground clearance in proportion to their wheelbase.  This means that they are at great risk for being high centered on even the slightest abnormality in the road.  It is critically important that drivers of commercial vehicles are aware of these areas and the signage associated with them.  If you encounter one of these areas or one of these signs DO NOT ATTEMPT TO CROSS, find another way around.

In the event your vehicle ever becomes stuck on the railroad tracks, immediately disembark yourself and all passengers.  Even if you do not see a train, do not attempt to gather any personal property, simply get everyone to safety.  DO NOT ATTEMPT TO FREE THE VEHICLE!  Focus on finding a safe place for your passengers away from the tracks.


If a train is coming, run at a 45 degree angle away from the tracks towards the train.  This will lessen the risk of being struck by debris from the collision.


Once all passengers are safely off the vehicle:

  • Call 911 to alert them of your situation  
  • Locate the railroad equipment box with the crossing information to give to the authorities
  • Notify dispatch
  • Reassure your passengers
  • Wait for assistance to arrive


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