ELD, is it time to buy yet?

There is currently a buzz word that you have undoubtedly heard if you are running buses, and that is ELD.  I have heard from many people telling me about the ELD options they are looking at, and wonder why.  Most limo companies won’t even need them.

In broad terms, if your company operates vehicles placarded for 9+ people, at the airport, you need to maintain DOT hours of service records, but not necessarily need ELD’s.  If you already have a DOT number you have probably already received solicitation for electronic logging devices.  Frequently, these misleading solicitations state “New Mandate Published, You Must Have ELD’s!”

The mandate takes full effect two years after its release.  Depending on your operation, you still may not need ELD’s.  The FMCSA wrote into its final rule that any driver who is covered by the 100 air mile exemption and does not exceed it more than 8 times in a 30 day period is not required to utilize ELD’s.

Electronic logging devices are a compliment to electronic logging applications.  These devices plug into the vehicle and track location, odometer and other metrics.  Having analyzed products by all the big players, our advice is simple.  WAIT, and let someone else get stuck with working out the bugs.  Currently, there are only a handful of companies on the market that have self certified with the FMCSA as meeting the requirements, and you know that more are coming.

Limo & Bus Compliance wants to help you learn if ELD’s are needed for your company, and we want to help you maintain your overall compliance program.  This is why we are introducing Limo Logs to go with our compliance program.  Limo Logs has been designed with limo companies in mind.  We have built in ways to make it simple for drivers to not have to remember what their status is when driving a sedan or a bus.  Limo Logs was built to give you up to date reporting directly into your inbox everyday so that you know what’s going on with your drivers, and vehicles.  Let us show you why you don’t need to rush into purchasing ELD’s, and let us do what we do best, Make Compliance Simple.

For more information on Limo Logs CLICK HERE

If you are looking for a DVIR solution, that doesn’t add logs check out Pocket Fleet Manager


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