Why should you have a consultant?cfr-title-49-parts-300-399-transportation

Whether you’re a one-man-band or fleet & safety manager for a large company, keeping up with changing regulations is a drain on your resources.

Instead of spending hours researching law, or worse, just doing what a friend does, wouldn’t it be nice to send a quick email and let someone else get you the answer.

Understanding the complexities of the DOT regulations is something that takes years of experience, and a desire to stay current on the continually evolving nature that is the federal oversight.  Pick someone you can trust!

Why us?

Buses and trucks are different, both in how they’re operated and in the regulations that pertain to them.  Limo & Bus Compliance specializes in only passenger carriers and our compliance specialists have real world experience in the limo industry.

We understand the frustrations that come from receiving bad advice.  We’ve seen companies lose their operating authority based in part to decisions made based on bad advice.  We live this industry and we want you to be successful.

Limo & Bus Compliance provides more than just a quick answer.  We provide a written recommendation based upon legal precedent, best practices, and DOT regulations with direct links to our sources within 24 hours.  No more arguing with drivers about every policy change or wondering if your consultant is right.  We provide our sources and encourage you to verify our position.

Our Service

Limo & Bus Compliance is proud to offer our Safety Consulting Program to the limo and bus industry.  Our experience shows that many companies need less than two hours of compliance assistance per month.  With that in mind, for a small monthly fee, you gain the peace of mind that comes from having a compliance specialist available for your business.

In addition, you gain access to Limo & Bus Compliance’s forms, policies, best practices and training materials, all designed to Make Compliance Simple!


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